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Private Venue – Pretoria East

Introducing an Exclusive Opportunity for Independent Service Providers: A Safe, Secure, and Well-Managed Establishment

Are you an Independent Service Provider looking for a unique opportunity to work in a professional environment? Look no further! Our establishment offers a range of benefits tailored to your needs, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for both you and your clients.

At our establishment, we prioritize your safety and security. We have a dedicated and experienced front office team who will assist you with bookings and ensure that clients never cross paths. This guarantees a private and discreet setting for all parties involved. Our front office staff is also available to manage bookings on your behalf, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional services to your clients.

Parking is always a concern, but we have you covered. We offer plenty of private parking spaces for your convenience. Additionally, we have a secure area on the premises where female service providers can park their cars, providing an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.

We understand that flexibility is essential, which is why our establishment operates from early morning until 8pm. This ensures that you can choose the working hours that suit you best. With six well-equipped rooms available, there is always a room ready for your bookings. Whether you prefer shorter or longer sessions, our establishment offers a variety of time options to accommodate your needs.

When it comes to rates no one compares! We operate on a room fee basis. 

Our rates are as follows: R300 for 30 minutes, R500 for 60 minutes, R750 for 90 minutes, and R900 for 120 minutes. 

You, as the Service Provider, have complete control over the rates you charge your own clients, giving you the freedom to set your own pricing structure. Before leaving each day you simply pay a room fee based on the time spent in the room.

Inquiries from potential clients are handled seamlessly. If the establishment receives any inquiries, they will be promptly forwarded to the available service provider at that time. 

We utilize WhatsApp as our primary communication platform, ensuring efficient and convenient interactions. Each Service Provider is required to have their own contact number for easy communication and this number is to be reflected on their adds so we can refer this to clients.

To ensure a smooth experience for all, we kindly request that you communicate with our office regarding your availability and existing bookings early in the morning. This allows us to reserve a room for you at the appropriate time, avoiding any scheduling conflicts or confusion.

We encourage Service Providers to advertise and promote their services wherever they see fit. You have the freedom to choose the marketing channels that work best for you, helping you reach your target audience and grow your clientele. 

Please be advised that our establishment has a STRICTLY NON ALCOHOL / DRUGS tolerance! If you are found to have  ALCOHOL / DRUGS in your possession YOU will be asked to leave IMMEDIATELY!

In summary, our unique opportunity offers Independent Service Providers a well-managed, safe, and secure establishment to conduct their business. With an experienced front office team, flexible working hours, ample parking space, and convenient booking management, we strive to create an environment that supports your success.

Join us and experience the benefits of working in a professional setting tailored to your needs.

If YOU are interested please contact us on 082 670 5957 

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