Jessie @Mends

  • Age
  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Bust
  • Height
  • Smoker
  • Personality Type
    Friendly and frisky!
  • Piercings
  • Tattoos
  • Travel
  • Services
    Sensual Massage
  • Available
    Mon to Frid 09h00 - 17h00, Sat 09h00 - 14h00
  • Ethnicity
  • Area
    Mendelssohns venue in Constantia Park


Jessie has that proverbial β€œisland girl” look… She’s been blessed with sexy, seductive curves and idyllic proportions! All year-round bronze tan and flowing long dark hair make her quite the exception! She’s a true looker with an easy going and friendly personality. She could just be the best that 2022 has to offer in the way of sensual massage!

No FH, No orals on offer!


Comments (28)

Comment posted by: Big_Nick

(Posted 12 Jun 2024 6:38 PM)

Would love to taste your biscuit babe!

Comment posted by: Kaapenaar

(Posted 9 May 2024 2:41 PM)

I wish there were more days in the week, that way I could enjoy the amazing TLC you have to offer Jessie! Always a treat to spend quality time with you. Wish you were in Cape Town, I would visit every dayπŸ˜‰

Comment posted by: Main_Member

(Posted 16 Apr 2024 9:12 AM)

Love the news pics Jessie super sexy just like you always are!

Comment posted by: Pta_Lad330

(Posted 16 Apr 2024 8:37 AM)

My favourite obsession!

Comment posted by: Big_Joe

(Posted 8 Jan 2024 6:19 PM)

Your new picsπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‹

Comment posted by: Chuck

(Posted 7 Dec 2023 1:55 PM)

Stunning πŸ‘€

Comment posted by: Impi

(Posted 7 Dec 2023 7:31 AM)

πŸ‘ŒYour new photoshoot babe

Comment posted by: Orgasm_Seeker

(Posted 6 Dec 2023 10:34 AM)

Wow you looking beyond sexy girl! Love that shoot!

Comment posted by: Big_Joe

(Posted 6 Dec 2023 10:32 AM)

Love the new pics Ms!πŸ‘Œ

Comment posted by: FaceMan72

(Posted 9 Nov 2023 3:19 PM)

After seeing this lady is the current Ambassador I just had to experience what she has to offer. I was blown away by her seductive massage and the intimacy she offers but what really blew me away was her one of a kind rimming job! She's simply the best I've ever had! So glad I finally got to meet her and it definitely won't be the last time.

Comment posted by: Manny99

(Posted 9 Nov 2023 2:47 PM)


Comment posted by: Big_Joe

(Posted 12 Oct 2023 11:07 AM)

The best I've ever had in every way from the massage right through to the extras which turned me into an instant fan! This lady is unbelievable and I can understand after meeting her why she is the ambassador for Pretoria Escorts! Brilliant service 10/10

Comment posted by: Hustler

(Posted 29 Sep 2023 7:16 PM)

Wish I was in your class sexy lady! New picsπŸ‘Œ

Comment posted by: ViceRoy

(Posted 1 Sep 2023 8:09 AM)

hot hot hotπŸ”₯

Comment posted by: Boner45

(Posted 1 Sep 2023 8:07 AM)

Love your new pics Jess, INCREDIBLY SEXY!!!!

Comment posted by: Anthony_TPT

(Posted 7 Aug 2023 8:25 AM)

Your new photo set is soo frikken yummy!

Comment posted by: Fredster

(Posted 31 Jul 2023 6:56 PM)

You have the best natural boobs in Pretoria, no question!

Comment posted by: ViceRoy

(Posted 25 Jul 2023 8:41 PM)

I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing Jessie's incredible massage skills at Mendelssohns, and let me tell you, she truly knows how to leave a lasting impression! From the moment she started, I was captivated by her alluring Turkish accent, which added an extra layer of sensuality to the entire experience.

Jessie's tanned and flawless body was a delightful surprise, especially during the winter months. Her touch was both soothing and provocative, and I must say, the twist she incorporated at the end was nothing short of mind-blowing. It's evident that she takes pride in her work and goes above and beyond to keep things fresh and exciting.

Each session with Jessie has been an adventure, and I always look forward to discovering what surprises she has in store for me. Her ability to maintain a perfect balance between sensuality and professionalism is commendable.

If you're looking for a massage that transcends the ordinary, Jessie is the one to see. Her enticing charm, coupled with her outstanding skills, will leave you craving more. Trust me she's a rare gem that you don't want to miss out on. I can't recommend her enough!

Comment posted by: MrG_1098

(Posted 29 Jun 2023 4:29 PM)

Great photos, that has to be one of the hottest profiles I've ever seen!

Comment posted by: Mr_Pretoria

(Posted 29 Jun 2023 12:20 PM)

Thanks for teaching me a new position. Next time I’ll remember to stretch before I come through. I’m licking my lips at the thought of our next encounter.

Comment posted by: Antonio

(Posted 2 Jun 2023 11:03 AM)

That's the best tits Ive ever seen on a lady on an adult website and that's saying a lot because I've seen lot of tit photos in my time!

Comment posted by: Spider_Murphy

(Posted 24 Apr 2023 1:15 PM)

Your new pics are so fucking hot makes me soooo hard!

Comment posted by: PierreFranco

(Posted 22 Feb 2023 5:37 AM)

Stunning new pics babe!

Comment posted by: Tom420

(Posted 31 Jan 2023 2:13 PM)

Can't wait to meet and taste you gorgeous!

Comment posted by: KarelMeyer

(Posted 12 Dec 2022 11:28 AM)

Het Jessie verlede week ontmoet en was heeltemal weggeslaan deur haar skoonheid, sexiness en netheid! Dit is selde dat ek 'n onmiddellike verbinding gevind het, maar sy het my net weggeblaas! Daardie pragtige bruingebrande en olierige lyf op myne, net so lekker! 

Comment posted by: Impi

(Posted 8 Dec 2022 11:19 AM)

Jessie you have an incredibly edible bodyπŸ‘…

Comment posted by: Jessie@Mends

(Posted 17 Nov 2022 11:05 AM)

@Pieter83 thank you love πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Comment posted by: Pieter83

(Posted 23 Oct 2022 1:05 PM)

Stunning! Can see why Pretoria has the reputation it has for the best looking ladies.

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