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    Bubbly blonde
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    Sensual Massage
  • Available
    Mon to Frid 10h00 - 16h00
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Meet Rachel, a seasoned adult entertainer graced with unparalleled talent.

Her stunning flowing blonde hair and captivating emerald green eyes instantly distinguish her, complemented by her truly unique 34DD assets.

Beyond her beauty, Rachel boasts an impressive array of diverse and captivating skills that make every moment with her intriguing and exhilarating. Let her entertain you….. XXXX

Situated in Waterkloof Ridge, she offers accessibility to a wide audience of admirers. Rachel operates from a private, secure, and upscale establishment, ensuring a comfortable and professional environment for her clients.

With her beauty, charisma, and versatile talents, Rachel is a true standout in the world of adult entertainment!!

Comments (22)

Comment posted by: Frans007

(Posted 15 Jul 2024 8:41 AM)

Just always a pure pleasure to be in your company and you keep getting better with every encounter we share. I must say those twins of yours are a big draw card and hard to beat! Stay sexy gorgeous!!

Comment posted by: Big_Nick

(Posted 13 Jun 2024 3:22 PM)

Nice assets👌🏻

Comment posted by: Dingo

(Posted 6 Jun 2024 8:34 AM)

When the chance presented itself I just had to visit this girl again! If possible she was even more electrifying than the first time we met. 

I'm not sure what her secrets are and how she manages to tighten the experience, perhaps its her experience but the second time with her was even better then the first time.

She begins with a "proper" massage, not rushed and with an innocent intention but slowly as she massage my upper legs I can sense things getting a little heated and then its all at your pace which for me happened all at once.

And then we simply repeated the same recipe which was absolutely amazing!

Thanks again Rachel for your hospitality and truly amazing service!

See you as soon as possible for another electrifying session!

Comment posted by: Toyotaholic

(Posted 6 May 2024 10:42 AM)

Rachel is everything her profile portrays, quite a rare find and I’m glad we met. A seasoned pro in the naughty adult stuff I may add. Quite the experience and a worthy visit! I would definitely return.

Comment posted by: SwingrGuy

(Posted 12 Apr 2024 8:46 AM)

👅👅Amazing boobs ðŸ‘…

Comment posted by: Super_Sleuth

(Posted 27 Feb 2024 6:44 PM)

Rachel's is a real gem that left me thoroughly impressed. From the moment I stepped in, the relaxing atmosphere enveloped me, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. Her reputation proceeds her and I just had to meet her! Her service surpassed all expectations, with each move she made I could feel the excitement pulsing through my body. Without a doubt, I'll be returning for seconds at Rachel's, eager to indulge in her exceptional array of services again.

Comment posted by: FaceMan72

(Posted 21 Nov 2023 4:40 PM)

Rates pretty lady?

Comment posted by: Frikkie

(Posted 1 Nov 2023 4:42 PM)

Would like to tongue that bum👅👅👅

Comment posted by: Krish_KZN

(Posted 26 Oct 2023 12:16 PM)

Those boobs👌

Comment posted by: DJ1983

(Posted 12 Oct 2023 3:54 PM)


Comment posted by: Dingo

(Posted 20 Sep 2023 3:57 PM)

Rachel is always amazing to spend time with. I completely agree that she's five star rated! She's absolutely professional, sexy, spontaneous and most of all I know my privacy and confidentiality is safe with her.

Comment posted by: Draak

(Posted 20 Aug 2023 6:38 PM)


Comment posted by: 90Bryan

(Posted 8 Aug 2023 7:38 AM)

Rachel was a great lady to meet for my first time. The receptionist explained everything perfectly and the venue is clean, secure and private which was a relief. I took the massage option and plan on exploring more the next time we meet, I find this lady hard to resist to be honest. 60 minutes seems to be the right length of time for me to shower before and after without a rush in between. Im planning my next visit asap and thanks again Rachel for the amazing time, I could see myself becoming a regular if that's ok.

Comment posted by: Dingo

(Posted 12 Jul 2023 7:19 PM)

Love the new photos soo sexy soo you!!

Comment posted by: Dingo

(Posted 29 Jun 2023 10:47 AM)

I had to meet this girl! 

Her reputation proceeds her as well as the venue which Ive been wanting to visit for some time now. the receptionist is very friendly and helped me with all the admin!

She looked better in real life than her photos which was a good start. We started slowly just with a bit of massage and quickly proceeded to the good stuff. 

I was amazed at how into it she looked. Loved everything about her, shes easy to talk to and really enjoys what she does, a breath of fresh air!

Comment posted by: SaltyProfessor

(Posted 14 Jun 2023 1:21 PM)

Jip I could'nt stay away! I have to admit you have me firmly by the short and curls but it's enjoyable in every way....... Can't wait for our follow up playdate soo till next time be good pleeeeeaaaaaassse..........

Comment posted by: Morocho

(Posted 30 May 2023 4:31 PM)

Love the new photo set babe, you belong on my lap where we can discuss the first thing that cums up.....😉

Comment posted by: SaltyProfessor

(Posted 27 Apr 2023 1:20 PM)

Glad I made the effort to meet this entertaining and sexy lady. She has the assets and definitely knows how to use them. As a boob lover what more could a man ask for and she has introduced me to a few toy gadgets that I hadn’t experienced before which was fun as well. A top girl and will definitely return soon.

Comment posted by: Only_Fan

(Posted 7 Apr 2023 9:46 AM)

What a work of art......... soo edible......

Comment posted by: MornePretoria

(Posted 5 Apr 2023 5:48 PM)

You just get better looking with each photo update!👌

Comment posted by: Milf_Hunter

(Posted 30 Mar 2023 12:52 PM)

This lady my best find of 2023! She has assets and accessories galore to play with. Ive never experienced anything like it in my life!. 

Comment posted by: SaltyProfessor

(Posted 16 Mar 2023 6:01 AM)

I’m a boob guy so ja you definitely caught my attention 👀

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