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Rates in Pretoria - by Dingo

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Everything is a negotiation but R1,600 is my cap. Why would you pay more when everyone else charges around this price? Is there something I don't know?

Comment posted by: Big_Joe
(13 Sep 2023 12:08 PM)

With rates as high as anything over the R800 I would simply opt for just a massage. it's not about having the money or not it's just not market related. Im prepared to pay my grand in the front and then a few hundred rands over that for a few extras and that's it. When you start talking about two or three grand on top of that there's no way it's going to happen. Not sure where the guys have been going but my regulars charge between R1,500 and R1,700 for GFE.

Comment posted by: HenryVI
(13 Sep 2023 9:58 AM)

@Zenzo I couldn't agree more! There's a fool parting with his hard earned cash every day.

Comment posted by: Kallie
(10 Aug 2023 4:08 PM)

I visited a lady in Moreleta Park this week and she asked a ridiculous amount of money (R2500??????) for GFE - WTF then when I asked her how she got to that amount she told me its what her regulars pay. A message to the guys paying that amount for extras you're being taken for a ride. Ive never paid more than R1,600 including GFE, fingering, muffing and BJ obviously with protection. I can't believe there are still those of us punters who actually pay those ridiculous amounts for extras, Lol (plus you stuffing it up for the rest of us!)

Comment posted by: Zenzo
(9 Aug 2023 8:24 PM)

I can remember the days I used to pay R450 for an hour. Giving my age away.

Comment posted by: DongKong
(7 Aug 2023 4:23 PM)

@90Bryan don’t get confused. There’s venues that will arrange everything for you and they take their cut and then there’s ladies that work for themselves and that’s where the negotiation takes place about the rate. From my side anything over R1600 per hour is steep and you could get a better deal elsewhere. Don’t stress about your first time just enjoy.

Comment posted by: The_Real_Zeus
(5 Aug 2023 7:13 PM)

Im confused about this thread as most of the venues in Pretoria offer GFE for R1,600 so why are we discussing higher rates then this?

Comment posted by: WillemJP
(4 Aug 2023 12:28 PM)

……ladies can charge whatever they feel like there will always be a market…… 

Comment posted by: JTV_1
(28 Jun 2023 8:44 AM)

I never pay more then R1500 but then I stick to my regulars who know me by now.  

Comment posted by: Mark0287
(27 Jun 2023 9:50 AM)

If you paying more then R1500 GFE included remember that you paying too much. R1,500 is my limit!

Comment posted by: Belzie
(26 Jun 2023 6:16 PM)

There’s a big shortage of new SP’s hence the rates go up. When last did a brand new lady arrive? Months ago perhaps. Let’s SP’s equals higher rates unfortunately!

Comment posted by: ChrisR
(25 Jun 2023 2:29 PM)

May I suggest the lovely ladies in Faerie Glen? All very beautiful ladies who know what they're doing and are a joy to speak with. All I can say was, it was defiantly worth it!

Comment posted by: Jeffy
(24 Jun 2023 12:42 PM)

@Veteran but don't we in Pretoria have the best looking girls so wouldn't you expect to see the highest rates? Just asking..

Comment posted by: Greywolf
(24 Jun 2023 8:54 AM)

Call the lady or venue you fancy and find out directly from them. What I can tell you is that Pretoria rates are the highest in the country unfortunately!

Comment posted by: Veteran
(22 Jun 2023 4:12 PM)

Can someone guide me on what rates are like in Pretoria? Ive only frequented establishments along the coast.

Comment posted by: Dingo
(21 Jun 2023 4:57 PM)

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