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Keep it safe out there...... - by Pretoria Escorts

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Great topic! I’ve always used a burner phone that has WhatsApp installed to make my bookings. Pakistan sim with zero trace back to me so when I get weird messages and calls from fake cops I take great delight in telling them to Piss Off!

Comment posted by: Gav1984
(17 Jan 2024 8:14 PM)

Great thread! Especially with caller ID these days I rely on a punting (burner) phone to keep my real name and details private. If I start to pick up strange messages and calls I simply get a new Pakistani sim. 

Comment posted by: Big_Joe
(16 Oct 2023 3:09 PM)

Those ricca SIM's are in short supply where are they available?

Comment posted by: Pieter83
(4 Apr 2023 9:09 AM)

Great advice! I read in the papers over the weekend that scammers intensify their efforts over the holiday period so I suppose it's a good time to be on the lookout just before Easter.

Ive never had a problem but I have a punting phone, Pakistani sim and I use an alias and that's all anyone needs to know. Its soo simple actually.

Comment posted by: Alfie
(4 Apr 2023 5:24 AM)

Guys please do yourselves a favour, get a punter phone and sim. It's your private business! There are scammers out there right now looking for opportunities. 

Don't use your private devices when making bookings and use an alias, do NOT GIVE OUT your private details.

Ladies should naturally do the same.

Lets make the industry safe again!

Comment posted by: Pretoria Escorts
(29 Mar 2023 2:40 PM)

Funny no one mentioned taking a shower before and afterwards. I always ask the lady if she’d care to take a shower with me that way I know we both clean before the fun begins.

Comment posted by: Net_Carl
(17 Nov 2022 5:39 AM)

@Muffa I tend to do the same, when I can remember. It’s like trying to remember to take a Woolworths bag back when one goes shopping. 

Comment posted by: Tom420
(16 Nov 2022 4:59 PM)

@Beefco I ask without hesitation. If you don’t ask you’ll never know and it’s your right. The ladies I’ve discussed such matters with have always been open and honest so just ask.

Comment posted by: Boner45
(15 Nov 2022 4:18 AM)

Just on the subject of keeping things safe, is it inappropriate to ask the lady if she is free of any STD, S as this is always something in the back of my mind when I am out and about and enjoying myself with the ladies. But I am never sure as to whether it’s to forward or not, it may also dampen the mood and if she asks me the same question I am more than willing to answer as  that would only be fair. What are some of the experiences the guys have had with this type of thing? 

Comment posted by: Beefco
(13 Nov 2022 7:18 AM)

I take my own towel for afterwards and always my own condoms. Why would anyone trust a stranger with their own personal protection? 

Comment posted by: Muffa
(10 Nov 2022 4:24 PM)

When booking a lady I try and go through her reviews and comments, there's often a lot of valuable information in those threads. The reviews are almost a reference in a way. Ask if there's secure parking and make sure she's advertising on a reputable website as this is an indication she has the means to promote herself.
Similarly ladies make sure your potential clients understand fully your service offering and any potential limitations there might be so as to avoid issues face to face. Discuss payment telephonically so there's no surprises later on. I experienced some challenges with this in the past so I always get all the detail before I confirm.

Comment posted by: Hafeez
(7 Nov 2022 7:32 AM)

Any advice on the best condom on the market. I tried the extra strength but there's no feeling with that brand. Do most use the condom supplied or take ur own? Just thought I throw this in the mix while taking safety.

Comment posted by: MornePretoria
(3 Nov 2022 2:03 PM)

@Pretoriana hopefully after watching Carte blanche on Sunday everyone can stop stressing about these idiots posing as agents ect. And ladies please, please don't give our details out to strangers who say they are going to financially reward you cause they won't!

Comment posted by: Boner45
(25 Oct 2022 2:26 PM)

Come visit me @RSVP babe and lets keep it safe🔥 076 696 1290

Comment posted by: Nicole
(24 Oct 2022 12:59 PM)

This sport is like ANY other it has it's injuries. I use a punting phone, a false name and live in another city so I've not experienced any problems thus far.

Comment posted by: Johan_TheOriginal
(24 Oct 2022 12:28 PM)

@Pretoriana thanks for the heads up! There's been a lot of talk about this carte blanche insert and when it's actually going to feature so lets hope it is this Sunday.

Comment posted by: Black Panther
(24 Oct 2022 8:16 AM)

Even thought this topic has been discussed to death its worthy of further discussion. in my younger and more naive days I would fall for a girl and we would exchange numbers and end up giving real names etc etc.... It wasn't as bad those days as social media and technology was still in it's infancy but today it's a completely different ball game. It's much more tricky to cover your tracks and the less personal information offered both ways the safer and better for both. I personally find Facebook the MOST DANGEROUS of the lot! People continue to post their hole lives there and forget that some of the information is sensitive and should just be kept private. 

Comment posted by: StarfishSeeker
(23 Oct 2022 4:45 PM)

Fake cops are a nightmare at present. I see Carte Blanche discussing this on Sunday night. If hobbyists (punters) keep their private information private this won't happen or at least as easily as what it seems to be happening at present. Should be an interesting watch!

Comment posted by: Pretoriana
(21 Oct 2022 1:28 PM)

I use a punting phone (SIM from Pakistani shop), a false name and I don't mix my work or social media life with the punting I do and so far I haven't had a single issue. I try and park my car out of sight as well to keep my reg number private. Lots of information can be obtained from your registration number and it can be tricky to hide this. I just say take precautions where possible.

Comment posted by: Zenzo
(19 Oct 2022 3:59 PM)

I only visit venues that are on reputable websites. I learn't my lesson with independents where I was faced with BF hiding in the room next door once too often.

Comment posted by: Boner45
(18 Oct 2022 7:06 AM)

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